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Asbestos Artex Removal Scotland– Artex, Flue pipes, Soffits and Floor Tiles

Artex is One of the most common queries we have is concerning Artex / textured coatings that may contain asbestos.  The best course of action is to establish if asbestos is present first and then work out what remedials action is required if asbestos is in the coating.

We carry out removal of Artex /textured coatings often in advance of refurbishment works or because clients want a 100% asbestos free house or office. Artex can be left in situ if in good condition and there is no likelihood of it being disturbed. If you are planning to change lighting, remove walls or carry out refurbishment or demolition that requires disturbance of the coated walls or ceilings then removal will be required. We can target the removal works to a smaller area where only small amounts are being carried out such as changing some lighting.


We have carried out numerous projects, most recently in Edinburgh and Glasgow where we have removed asbestos coated ceilings throughout a house.  Where the ceilings are plasterboard or lath and plaster then the ceiling will need to be removed to ensure all the asbestos is safely removed. Where the ceilings are concrete then we need to scrape the coating from the ceiling. We have carried out jobs like this in Dundee and Fife in the last month where the works were in advance of installing a new garage, kitchen and bathroom.

Asbestos containing materials are found in many forms both in residential and commercial properties. Asbestos materials were used in the greatest volume in houses, flats, shops, offices and industrial buildings built in the 1950s, 60s and 70s though it is in use before and after this.

Asbestos in houses will commonly include Artex / textured coatings, asbestos cement ceilings, flue pipes and cold water tanks, asbestos cement and asbestos insulation board soffits, asbestos cement roof tiles and plastic floor tiles and pipe lagging.

There are some of the more common asbestos containing materials we remove everyday around Scotland.

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