Asbestos Projects in Scotland

Client: Housing Association Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Surface Area: 200m2

Proudly surveyed Communal Areas in Edinburgh. The asbestos surveying took approximative 2 days to complete 200m2 of communal space. Asbestos Management Surveys Communal Areas This type of asbestos survey is used for location, assessment and management of asbestos within a property. It is non intrusive and causes only minor disruption. Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys Communal Areas This asbestos survey type is required prior to refurbishment works within a property.

The Challenges

Built Before 2000

Buildings build before 2000 can have asbestos and this will impact the daily life of works if no properly inspected or removed by asbestos experts.

Our Housing Association Client has contacted us to proceed with survey of approximative 10 communal Areas in Meadowbank , Edinburgh

Asbestos surveys are required by law, because of the high risks that asbestos materials present when they are found in buildings. A building may require one type of asbestos survey, the other, or both. It depends on the use of the building and the work planned.