Asbestos Projects in Scotland

Client: Landlord | Residential Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Surface Area: 18m2

My garage has asbestos ? If your garage was built or the roof was added after 1999 then it is unlikely that it will contain asbestos, as this is when it became illegal to use asbestos as a building material in the UK. However, if it was constructed any time before 1999 then there is a chance it will be made using asbestos. It is impossible to tell just by looking at a roof to know whether it contains asbestos, as the material is generally ‘hidden’ in the cement. The only way to know for sure is to call in asbestos experts who will be able to analyse the material and establish whether asbestos is present.

The Challenges

Asbestos Garage & Garage Roof Removal Edinburgh

Typical asbestos  single car garage roof removal costs  approx. £480 + VAT.  The garage needs to be empty prior to our arrival on site, however, should the customer require assistance with either emptying or disposal of the belongings, this can be arranged at a further cost.  Once removal is completed, the garage is exposed and ready for re-roofing. We can provide a temporary cover upon request but would not usually be required as the reinstatement works for a roof like this are completed within 1-2 days.

We are a  UKATA  trained asbestos removal company with an SEPA / Environmental Agency waste carriers licence in Edinburgh. We can not only remove asbestos,  but help with the  reinstatement as well. Majority of corrugated cement roofs built before the year 2000 contain asbestos, as the final ban was not implemented until  1999.
Standard  size of a domestic single car garage is approx.  15sqm.

Why use a UKATA trained asbestos contractor? 

We are trained
We possess the necessary equipment
We  environmentally clean the removal area of any debris
We dispose of the waste at a licensed hazardous waste landfill
We provide all legal documentation and store relevant copies for up to 40 years