Asbestos Projects in Scotland

Client: Landlord | Residential Location: Glasgow Surface Area: 18m2

Side panels asbestos cement has been safely removed from an Glasgow property last month in July 2022. All the timber frame has been removed also during the asbestos removal . All asbestos has been properly wrapped in 1000gg polythene and transported to the Asbestos waste station in Glasgow and certificate were obtained. If you want us to remove the asbestos roof or walls please get in touch we have many years experience in the asbestos industry.

The Challenges

Built Before 2000

Buildings build before 2000 can have asbestos and this will impact the daily life of works if no properly inspected or removed by asbestos experts.

Private landlord /domestic property has contacted us to proceed with removal of approximative 18m2 of  asbestos chrysotile also known as low risk white asbestos in Edinburgh.

Asbestos surveys are required by law, because of the high risks that asbestos materials present when they are found in buildings. A building may require one type of asbestos survey, the other, or both. It depends on the use of the building and the work planned. Prior to removal we recommend an asbestos testing to be done in order to find out what type of asbestos is.