Asbestos Projects in Scotland

Client: Commercial Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Surface Area: 25m2

Is your question asbestos floor tiles how to tell ? We did a survey for a commercial building in Edinburgh and as soon as we lift a few floor boards we managed to find lots of asbestos floor tiles. How we know its asbestos ? Our asbestos surveyor took samples of the suspected materials and taken to the laboratory in Glasgow. After the testing the report were issued and YES asbestos confirmed to Floor Tiles and Bitumen. Funny how all the board were swapped to hide the danger even more. Get your asbestos survey done with us and we will make sure we apply pocket friendly costs. Asbestos Floor & Ceiling Tile Removal in Essex, London & South East Identification Homes built between the 1940’s – 1980’s frequently utilised Asbestos tiles in floors and ceiling. If you suspect that your floor or ceiling tiles are constructed from Asbestos the best thing to do is call the experts. Alexander Arnold Ltd - heath and safety people will be able to identify the type of Asbestos used arrange for it’s prompt, cost effective removal and disposal. Removal Depending on the amount of Asbestos tiling and the type of Asbestos used, removal can take between a couple of hours and a couple of days. We will be able to give an accurate assessment upon our initial site inspection. Whatever the situation is Alexander Arnold Ltd hold the necessary Licenses, Accreditation and Insurance to ensure the Asbestos tiling is removed in the safest manner in full compliance with all UK health and safety legislation. Please contact our office on 01312033042 to arrange a survey and obtain a no obligation quote for your Asbestos Tiles Removal as needs.

The Challenges

Asbestos surveys are required for any non-domestic building built before 2000. Finding asbestos in your building can hold up planning permission, mortgage signoffs and can cause huge delays. That’s where Alexander Arnold Ltd – Health and Safety People come in! Our asbestos consultants can advise on asbestos management, asbestos surveying, asbestos removal, and asbestos sampling. We provide professional asbestos reports for both domestic and commercial buildings and if asbestos is found in your building, our asbestos experts will help mitigate disruption and remove the asbestos. Removing asbestos floor tiles in Edinburgh its a pleasure for our team.