asbestos survey edinburgh

Asbestos Management Survey | Asbestos Refurbishment asbestos survey for Industrial properties are on High Demand in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

If you are the owner of a Industrial property, or you are in the process of buying a Industrial property, you may be the person legally responsible for managing any asbestos present at the property. This is why, should you be considering selling a Industrial property at some point in the future, you should have an asbestos survey conducted.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 clearly sets out these responsibilities for any property that is non-domestic. Exposure to asbestos can be fatal, causing serious illnesses that can take decades to manifest and produce symptoms. Since asbestos was banned in construction in the UK in 1999 there is no need for concern in any Industrial building constructed after this date, but there is a large number of buildings that are dated prior to this cut off.

It is important that you understand the location and potential danger of ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) if you own a Industrial property, or you are a tenant or manager of a building with responsibilities that include managing asbestos.

If you are planning to sell a Industrial property, it will be a much more enticing prospect if the buyers can see that there has been a recent asbestos survey and/or asbestos removal project, as this ensures they do not have any nasty surprises awaiting them should they purchase the property.

If you would like help testing asbestos in a Industrial building, contact Health and Safety people today on 01312033042

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