How much does an asbestos survey cost in 2022 ?


The average asbestos survey cost for a standard size home is £200. We recommend providing as much information about your property to a asbestos surveying company when getting a quote. This will help the asbestos contracts manager to provide an accurate price for the job. Whether you’re involved in a property transaction or suspect your home or commercial property might contain asbestos, use our contact form to get in touch for a tailor made quote.

What type of asbestos survey do I need for my property?

There are three main types of survey for asbestos that can be carried out in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines Publication HSG 264, depending on the requirement. These are as follows:

  • Management – This is the standard asbestos survey used for the management of asbestos within a building where no works will need to be carried out. Buying or selling a property the asbestos management survey its best to choose .
  • Demolition –  This type of asbestos survey is typically used for older properties where a fully intrusive inspection is necessary. Surveyors will do as much damage as they need to see exactly what the building is made from.
  • Refurbishment – The refurbishment asbestos survey will be used prior to any intrusive work as mentioned above. The surveyor will review where the works are to be carried out and which areas of the property will be damaged during the inspection.

What is an asbestos survey and do I need one?

Planning on purchasing property built prior to the year 2000? It’s imperative to have an asbestos survey commissioned. If asbestos is found, you will also need to set budget aside for remedial work to be carried out… Get in touch for more info about the asbestos surveying costs in Scotland.

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