Checklist for ‘Managing my asbestos’

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The web pages to help you to carry out your ‘duty to manage asbestos’ can
be found at HSE

  • Introduction
    Overview of the scheme, Checklist
  • Are you responsible for maintenance or repair?
    Does the duty to manage apply to you and your premises?
  • When was it built?
    Was it built before 2000, are you on a brownfield site or do you use old
  • What information do you have already?
    Look at building plans, previous asbestos surveys and any other
    relevant documents.
  • Inspect your building
    Create an asbestos register to list where asbestos may be present.
  • Determining priorities for action
    Use a scoring tool to work out what needs doing first.
  • Decide how to deal with the different types of asbestos
    Use the online tool on how to treat the different types of asbestos, eg
    sprayed asbestos, asbestos cement
  • Write your asbestos management plan
    The plan brings together your asbestos register, plans of work and
  • Testing for asbestos
    If work is required, you need to test for asbestos first.
  • Tell people what you’re doing
    You need to tell employees, contractors and maintenance workers
    about your findings.
  • Getting work done
  • Does the work need a licensed contractor?
  • Keep your records up to date
  • If any work is done on asbestos, your records need updating, and you
    need regular checks on the state of the asbestos.
  • If you need any asbestos removal in Scotland please get in touch
  • also check this article about Are you managing the asbestos risks ?

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