Asbestos Artex Survey


Asbestos in Artex is such a dangerous material, and exposure to it may be lethal. Getting any suspected asbestos-containing products tested by a qualified and licenced asbestos testing business like Health and Safety people (ACMs) is critical. It is suggested that you do not take samples for analysis yourself unless you are certified and skilled in dealing with asbestos. Otherwise, you risk exposing yourself and other building occupants to asbestos.

How do we remove Asbestos in Artex?

To begin our removal process of Asbestos in Artex, we first inspect the property to learn about the type of Asbestos the property has. Asbestos is mainly found in kitchen walls, old-school popcorn ceilings, and bathroom vinyl tiles. We also check the exterior part of a property, such as the siding, roof shingles, and various other materials.

After locating all those areas with Asbestos, our certified and skilled professionals put on their industry-grade protection equipment to begin the asbestos removal work. Our experts also use proper tools and equipment to eliminate the Asbestos in Artex from our customer’s property.

Once the removing Artex with Asbestos is complete, we do another inspection to ensure we didn’t miss out. Before leaving, our experts provide some tips and advice on how to take care of Asbestos by themselves.

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